Walking Meditation

Walking meditation is something I try to do every day if I can. I’m lucky to have an overactive pup that always reminds me when it’s been even a moment too long since we’vewalked. However, walking meditation, like breathing meditation, can be done without setting aside any time for formal practice. Though I usually try to walk outside for a few miles, walking meditation can be practiced even in the few steps going up or down the stairs, or from your bedroom to the bathroom. As long as there are moments you will be walking, there will be moments where you can meditate.

Take steps as they come

Like Driving Meditation, thinking about the destination can make you anxious, and take you out of your meditation. Think of each and every next step as the destination to be reached, and enjoy the experience of the entire journey until your get there. Although taking a step only lasts a moment, you can absorb yourself into the process so it encompasses your entire being. At one moment you are living a life in which you are taking a step. In the next moment, the entirety of your existence exists within and is manifested by this step. There are days when I plan on going out for a walk, and I end up getting to my mail box, and that was enough. I don’t force myself to push through it(although sometimes my dog does force me), this will lead you to resenting the process, much like trying to sit for extended lengths of time if your energy hasn’t settled in that way.

Allow your body and mind to come into union. This is the purpose for more physical meditations, to bring the separate parts of you into a unified whole. Many people feel restless in their body when their mind tries to calm, and they separate their parts, making meditation impossible. Use Walking meditation as a means of bringing these separate parts into a rhythmic, harmonic whole. Do not plan on walking meditation for any specific length of time, just walk and enjoy it and be aware for as long as you like.

Absorb yourself in the environment

Walking in nature is probably my favourite environment to experience; nature and the part of ourselves we deem out ‘spirit’ seem to be a natural metaphor for each other, and the highest expression of each is aided and propelled by influence from the other. Breathe the fresh air, and allow yourself to see through the differences between you and the being in your environment. Although the trees around you are grown from wood, the sub-atomic particles and energy that make them up are identical to the ones that make up your own physical form. The difference between you and the trees and plants is a difference in degree of expression of the natural form. Your grown body with your thoughts and feelings is the natural expression of nature in the human form contained to the specific time and space in which you exist.

If you are walking indoors, or in a city setting, see the environment as a natural expression of the human mind to construct functioning and legitimate communities for us to come together and dwell with other spirits like ourselves.

Move the earth with your feet

Finally, feel yourself as associated in the moment and time within where you exist, and feel the earth moving around you with yourself as the axis which everything else revolves around. When you move your feet, you aren’t propelling yourself from the ground; you’re actually remaining in a fixed place(you can only ever be HERE), and every step you take is actually moving the earth, moving the parts of the universe to bring out the expression of the universe as a whole.

This meditation can be practiced anywhere walking is required. If you’re inclined to take walks anyways, practice this on your next walk. If you don’t go walking very often, use the time travelling between rooms in your house, and around your workplace to practice.


About OneBreathMeditation

I have been meditating for 8 years, and while I don't consider myself an expert, I know I'm knowledgeable about the subject, and can possibly provide help to others who want to experience the enriching benefits of meditation.
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4 Responses to Walking Meditation

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  3. Fergiemoto says:

    Nature is very healing. After trying different meditations, including mindfulness meditation, I find my best type of meditation is being out in nature with my camera and photographing…birds, insects, plants, flowers, etc. I’m so focused that I find myself oblivious to other things, including my chronic pain etc, when I do this. Everyone needs to find what works best for them.

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