This is a wonderful, very powerful exercise for chaning your perspective and getting out of your ego


Star in someone else’s movie

Today think of someone with whom you may currently be experiencing tension or conflict.

Get a journal, or piece of paper, and write out the situation….

…. from their perspective

Don’t over think it.  Just write from the heart.   You want to feel their emotions, not think them.  

This is an exercise in seeing a situation from another person’s point of view.


“Empathy depends not only on one’s ability to identify someone else’s emotions but also on one’s capacity to put oneself in the other person’s place and to experience an appropriate emotional response”
Charles G. Morris

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I have been meditating for 8 years, and while I don't consider myself an expert, I know I'm knowledgeable about the subject, and can possibly provide help to others who want to experience the enriching benefits of meditation.
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  1. Tom Close D.C. says:

    Hey Jordan just wanted to say how proud and gratified that you’re hosting this wonderful evolutionary website I really like it! God bless you always! Tom Close in Colorado

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