LoA part I, Intention and Attention

Perhaps the simplest and most obvious places to start with the Law of Attraction are Intention and Attention. Attention essentially sets the stage of our experiential universe and, combined with intention, has a large part in dictating the flow of your life as a whole; this is not just a metaphysical fact, but a psychological fact as well. The power of attention and intention to shift our reality can be subtle, but the implications are far too large to ignore.

Everything in the universe begins with intention. Before I could write this series of posts, I first had to intend to do so. Before any building could be built, there was an absolute first step. Before laying the foundation and getting contracts and crew, and before even deciding to push the project through, there was first an element that brought it all together, the element without which nothing could ever have been achieved; intention(and the attention paid to that intention).

Your First Car

Did you ever notice after you bought your first car that suddenly, as if overnight, dozens of them began springing up on the roads, nearly everywhere you went? Now it wasn’t necessarily that there were actually anymore of those cars on the road, but your attention opened up into something you hadn’t normally perceived. Once your attention was on this particular brand of car, you just happened to be perceptive to the others just like it around you everywhere. This is an easy example, but this is true of more subtle things as well, like noticing how polite people are when you adopt a kind attitude. The entirety of the universe is literally waiting to unfold around you, as long as you pay it some attention.

Attention is, quite simply, the ultimate ‘secret of success,’ and all progress requires an increase of attention. Nearly all self-improvement books or courses or methods of study for any field essentially stress an increase of attention at their core. Ideas, feelings and thoughts have power in direct proportion to the attention we give them, and through intention, we organize these thoughts and feelings, as well as the universe around us. Intention allows us to locate our unique standpoint in the universe, and serves as the basis of all creation; Attention is the map, Intention is the specific path we take.

Directing our conscious energies

If you are still not convinced how important intention is, imagine you were scheduled to have brain surgery tomorrow morning. Would you feel comfortable knowing that your surgeon was thinking about what he was going to eat for lunch, if he remembered to record football, and what gift to get his wife for her birthday? I highly doubt it, and think, like most people, you would be much more comfortable with a surgeon who was completely present and attentive through the surgery.

The power of intention lies in what is called the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, it is a principle of quantum mechanics that simply states that the observer in any situation can, and will, directly influence the situation being observed. The quantum experiments this was first observed with had to do with measuring subatomic wave-particles and their momentum/position. The experiment revealed that at any given moment, Subatomic Wave-Particles are neither a particle, nor a wave, but exist as a potentiality of both, before being observed, and collapsing into a definite, wave, or particle. When observing the location, the Wave-Particle always collapsed into a particle; when observing the momentum, it collapsed into a Wave. This was found to be completely consistent, and it came to be known that if you wanted to find a wave, you would observe the momentum, but if you wanted to find a particle, you simple look for its location. This is irrefutable proof that our intention actually collapses the fabric of reality to serve what we are looking for; they say the universe itself would stop expanding if we stopped looking out for further reaches of it.

There is a lot to be said for how the theory applies to our tangible lives; if you think the world is full of no good, rotten crooks, this is likely the kinds of people or kinds of behaviour you will further observe, and draw into your life. If, on the other hand, you think the world is full of kind, loving, compassionate souls, you will likely draw yourselves to the proper circumstances in which you meet more, kind, loving souls.

We tend to find just the things we look for. If your chief aim in life is to just get by, it is no surprise you will really never do any better than just getting by. Best case scenario, you just get by. If that is the highest intention you have, you cannot really go beyond that, and anything but the best case scenario, and you won’t even get by. On the other hand, if your chief aim is to do more than just getting by, if it is to live out your highest expression, then best case scenario, you will live your highest expression. Worst case scenario, and you’ll likely still get by. See how this works?

If your intention is to learn something from every interaction you have, think about how much the sting from bad interactions just goes away, and you actually learned something from it. If you intend to be a victim, you will notice all the way in which you are victimized by the people around you, something you may have never even felt at all if your intention was to learn something from every interaction.

Persistently held intention creates habit energy, good and bad. We can eliminate bad habits by consciously withdrawing our attention from those things, and feeding it into more constructive habits. The habit of not feeling like you’re good enough, or of being a victim, is started in this way; it likely happened one time, and you were still caught up in the energy as other, similar events happened that lead you to interpret them as ‘I’m not good enough/everyone is out to get me.’ You may not have had this conscious intention, but by tuning your mind to observe these events this way, the intent is there.

Think of all the ways intention is working in your life to bring you the things you are asking for, consciously or unconsciously.

Tomorrow, get ready for Expectation and Assumption.

About OneBreathMeditation

I have been meditating for 8 years, and while I don't consider myself an expert, I know I'm knowledgeable about the subject, and can possibly provide help to others who want to experience the enriching benefits of meditation.
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3 Responses to LoA part I, Intention and Attention

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  2. nikky44 says:

    I really loved the example of the car 🙂
    So simple and so true. I can use that example to explain to my children about LOA!!

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