LoA part IV, Visualization and Affirmation

Visualization is one of the most powerful tools we have for creating change in our thoughts, emotions, physiology, and life on a grand scale. Almost everyone does some form of visualization already and may not know it. World class athletes often say the determining factor of their superior practice methods are visualization exercises. Famous Russian strength and fitness expert Pavel Tsatsouline wrote about an exercise he directed students through in one of his many fantastic books. After having the student ONLY VISUALIZE the exercises, there was a 13% increase in strength, without lifting a single weight, and only visualizing it, after a month or 2 month period(I don’t remember the exact time, because it isn’t important). Scientists have observed the brainwaves of a participant looking at an apple, and a participant visualizing the apple; the brain scans were identical. Lynne McTaggart has a wonderful book full of tangible, real world experiments done with some of the most sensitive technology we have available, showing how our thoughts change the physical world around us.

Science has proven without a doubt that the content of our thoughts and emotions directly influences our physiology and neurochemistry. Of course this makes sense along natural lines of thought; what you think about dictates what you do. What you do dictates who you are, and who you are dictates what you think, completing the cycle. Less than favourable circumstances in our life require a pattern interrupt in order to create a new, healthier cycle of think-act-become-think. The universe will always reflect on in your outer world with what you find in your inner world. Once you can understand this truth that, no matter WHAT, your thoughts influence your world around you, it becomes easier to release negative emotions, and see them as a part of a pattern we want to avoid.

If you need an example of how powerful visualization can be, try this exercise. Imagine yourself in your kitchen, or the kitchen of a close friend or family member. Imagine you approach the fridge, open the door, and pull out a bright yellow, smooth, waxy, ridged lemon.  Visualize ALL the properties of the lemon in intense detail, and feel the cool air from the fridge gently blowing onto your face. Feel the weight of the lemon, and then bring it to the counter where a knife is resting. Feel the weight of the knife and the cold of the counter as the knife glides through the lemon, cutting it in half, and releasing juices all over the counter. Cut one of those lemon halves in half again until you have a lemon wedge. Smell the lemon oil before you take a big bite—Shlsh! If your mouth began to water, you should have no doubts as to the validity of visualization and how it can alter our physiology and neurochemistry.

Today, you are the results of yesterday’s thoughts. Tomorrow, you will be the result of today’s thoughts.

Visualization can help us in almost all facets of our life, but concerning the Law of Attraction, there is perhaps no better method for tuning your mind to the ideal you desire. Visualization allows you to get small glimpses of the reality you desire beforehand, and serves to propel you towards the assumptions and expectations for realizing that ideal. Through visualization, we can understand the essence of what it is we desire, and become the essence of what we want to attract into our lives.

Let’s make a note again that this isn’t some wacky metaphysical idea, this is a psychological truth. Using visualization, assumption, intention, and expectation are doing nothing but turning the mechanism you use to perceive reality(your mind and neurochemistry) to a different frequency for perceiving life. That is all. It’s like using a specific tool to achieve a specific means. Much like how coffee can be used as a specific tool for altering consciousness to achieve a specific aim(productivity and alertness for finishing work projects), visualization and assumption and intention(goal setting is a form of intention) are merely tools which can be utilized for realizing an ideal. You might find the specific assumptions you have about something aren’t working; so change the ‘tools’ you’re working with so you can get the job done. Don’t try to hammer with a screw driver, and don’t try to screw a wrench into a nail-hole.

Creativity is a deeper receptivity to what is already there

Remember that our minds already have the blueprints for the perfect expressions of health, harmony, and happiness frames within us. This means that creativity is actually a receptive process, and opening of our minds to what is already in the ‘ether’.

Like a chessboard, the positions we end up in are dictated by the moves that come before it. But this doesn’t mean that this is the only possible position we could be in; we could just as easily be set up in any other square on the chessboard. We don’t ‘create’ those positions, we are receptive to how we get there. For instance, I’m always highly suspect of people putting too much emphasis on ‘creating’ music. I’ve played music for about as long as I’ve meditated, but I’ve never ‘created’ any music. Those notes and the possibility of their arrangement already existed long before I was alive, and will persist long after I die; I was merely receptive enough to manifest that. But I certainly did not create anything.

This is also in line with the ‘letting go’ aspect of the last post. The human mind is like radio, and can be tuned to receive and transmit many kinds of messages. But you no more manifest and create the conditions in your life than the diaphragm of a radio speaker creates the music. Let go of yourself, and let the universe take over.

Be concerned with the what, not the how

Letting go in desire and visualizations means realizing that it is ultimately our harmony with the universe that will manifest what we intend in our lives. One of the cardinal rules of visualization and manifestation is not being concerned or attached to any specific means of manifestation. This means, you should not worry about HOW the things in your life will come to you, but to focus on WHAT you want, and assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled, completely expecting it to manifest, however it needs to. The finite cannot inform the infinite, and you cannot determine what course your ideal will take to you no more than you can coax the sun to rise in the morning. The sun will rise of its own accord, whether you like it or not, and our desires will come to us in accord with how they want to. If you focus only on a specific means of getting what you desire, you will be blind to the other opportunities that might have gotten you what you wanted sooner.


Breathe, and relax. The first step of visualization is relaxation.  Take a few moments of meditation to clear your mind, and set your intention, to tune your mind to the ideal you desire, to visualize it so fully you immerse yourself in it, then letting go of the outcome, knowing things will come in their own time, if it’s for the highest good.

Visualization isn’t necessary visual, but I find it the most powerful. If you find you cannot actually visualize, no need to worry; just assume the feelings involved.

If you desire some kind of object, visualize yourself ALREADY IN POSSESSION of the object, and notice how much enjoyment you get from it. Really REALLY involve yourself. See the sights, feel the feelings, and hear the sounds involved.

Maybe you want to manifest a successful performance in athletics or public speaking. Run through a visualization of you performing exactly as you want to perform, both from your own perspective, then from an outsiders view. Feel every kinesthetic sensation related to your performance. This was largely how I dealt with preparing for my own presentation that I talked about in the last post. I visualized myself, in extremely vivid detail, approaching the front of the class, and taking a deep breath. I felt myself radiate confidence, and conviction as I effortlessly delivered my speech, keeping everyone’s full attention. I even visualized the moments where I would stop and turn the page to start again; This is always a ‘pattern interrupt’  for me and can completely throw off my flow, when I lull for a moment and turn the page, and start to wonder if everyone is really even interested anyways as I trudge through yet another page.

Luckily, this was only a visualization exercise, and I could deal with that feeling an entire week before I may even have really felt it. I kept the visualization strong, and finished how I wanted to, keeping everything in vivid detail. I imagined the slight tensions I would feel standing up there, and I felt the wooden podium beneath my resting hands. I felt the slightly crumpled paper as I turned the page, and got a small whiff of air as it passed by my face. Honestly, I actually was kind of surprised when I opened my eyes again, realizing I was sitting in my bedroom in the evening, and not in a classroom miles away mid-afternoon.

This is how powerful your visualization should be. Completely absorb yourself in it, and abandon yourself to the essence, like a moth abandons itself in the desire to know the flame. And you really must be willing to let a part of yourself die so the new you can be born. We cannot gain what we lack if we cling to what we have.

If you are manifesting a romantic partner in your life, observe the route your attention takes when you assume the wish fulfilled. What kinds of behaviours and activities will you partake when you realize this ideal? Being today to live from this attitude, this place of already having what you desire.

If you are manifesting a new job, or new avenues of business, see yourself performing the work, with absolute gratitude, and see all the people it benefits, and how they graciously repay you for your services. Embed the visualization with love and emotion.

Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled, and begin living FROM this new reality. It is only in this way that we can acquire what we desire. Think of all the things you have in your life already, and trace them back along the circumstances that brought them about. You will see here too, that this method is in exact accordance with everything you already have.

Tomorrow, we will look at Gratitude and Acceptance.

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I have been meditating for 8 years, and while I don't consider myself an expert, I know I'm knowledgeable about the subject, and can possibly provide help to others who want to experience the enriching benefits of meditation.
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