LoA part V, Gratitude and Acceptance

Gratitude is the last piece of the puzzle we need for efficiently realizing out highest intentions. Gratitude helps to relate yourself to the essence of what you require for growth, and sets your mind along the proper lines of thought, and keeps your attention firmly in place to think only of what are positive ideals for you to reach your goal.

Burning Bridges

Gratitude can be another huge sticking-point, and a primary obstacle for many people and the Law of Attraction. They are essentially burning the bridge of connection with the creative force of the universe by not showing proper gratitude for what they already DO have(and even gratitude for what they WILL or MAY have later on). Imagine if a guest came to your house for the first time, and brought you the things you had most desired in your life from the last year…. And you just shrugged it off, and didn’t show you appreciation. Do you think this guest will want to come over again? Probably not, not with others out there who showed him such appreciation when you forgot too.

We must give gratitude, really infused with feeling, and INCLUDE EVERYTHING. Yes everything… Even those things your ego tries to perceive as ‘negative’. We do not know the plans of the Universal Blueprint, and don’t know its reasons for manifesting in the arrangement it did. Remember, some of the best opportunities you had in life could only come when you lost something else first; you may have never had the courage to start your successful new business had you not first been fired from your old one, and you certainly would not have started a relationship with your spouse if you were still involved in your last relationship. Sure, it felt awful and horrible at the time being fired/dumped, but you see now, in the grand scheme, that all that had to have happened in order to manifest a better reality for yourself. When the world around you begins to look like weeds, remember that from heaven everything looks like a garden. Then pull out your gardening gloves and start pulling weeds.

You must give to make room for receiving

One of the inherent laws of metaphysics is, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” By feeling gratitude(giving), we tune our minds along the channels we need to naturally manifest our realities in the most efficient path possible(receiving). If you are a musician, and you forget to show gratitude for your skills and your opportunities for playing shows, you will begin the process of getting burned out, and begin to lose sight of what you intended to do in the first place, missing the opportunities that would be paramount to your goals. If you get discouraged by a failed short-term relationship, you might not see the point in putting yourself out there like that again, and may miss an opportunity to meet who you could end up marrying.

Everything had to have a part in bringing the universe to where it is right now, and despite what the conditions might be, right HERE, right NOW is the best possible reality that could have ever manifested. If it weren’t, it simply would be different than it is, but it isn’t. Do not dwell on the undesirable things, or you are using the Law of Attraction to further bring these conditions into your life. We aren’t supposed to decipher how things got to how they are. The moment of creation could only ever be now, and right NOW is when you decide if that tragic event in your past will be your ultimate downfall, or if it will be the ultimate lesson you’ve learned and become a more complete person for having learned it. The decision is yours, and the time to create your life can only ever exist in this moment. Everything had a part in making you who you are, a perfect manifestation of love and cosmic energy.

Failure isn’t failure, it’s Feedback

Sometimes even after we’ve laid the foundation, followed all the steps, and even assumed the feeling of our new state of consciousness, sometimes we still get results that we didn’t want, or even opposite of what we tried to manifest. Do not be discouraged, and do not give up your gratitude and intentions. Situations like these are often detours, or even a path to a new destination altogether. Remember, the universe has a blueprint for our highest and best expression, more so than our ego’s. Often times, the universe won’t bring you something that isn’t in accord with the highest harmony of life, and sometimes, it’s waiting to bring you better things altogether. If you end up not getting a job after an interview and close yourself off, you could miss an interview from a completely unknown place for an even better job(perhaps the first interviewee didn’t need your particular skill set, but he had a business associate that did). It’s like dropping a dollar on the ground and losing it, then turning the corner to find a 10 dollar bill on the sidewalk. If we spend too much energy on finding the 1$, or wondering why we lost it, we would walk right past the 10 dollar bill and miss it completely.  This is where Self-fulfilling prophecy comes in; if you always know a closed window will show you an open door, opportunity is literally everywhere.  Is your glass half full or half empty?


Acceptance comes in two parts, the ability to accept when things have gone ‘wrong’(remember, there really is no ‘wrong’ way things can go). Only by accepting less than favourable conditions(accepting they happen, not accepting that our reality might be ‘less than favourable’) can we move through them, and clear the air for other, more favourable conditions. We see this happen all the time, especially in our culture; people often cannot move past the conditions they’re experiencing, and cannot accept a new reality, and stay stuck. Watch 5 minutes of any ‘intervention’ or ‘celebrity rehab’ show, and you will find examples of this.

Once we can accept everything, we must also be able to accept, or receive what we desire. Here again, is where many people find they aren’t getting the results they’re looking for, because they aren’t making room in their current reality for new things, they aren’t really living from the new reality. Using musicianship as an example again, maybe you have the desire to play a show in a certain place that only hosts shows on the weekends. You really want the gig, you put the intent out there, you fill your attention with it, visualize the crowd and the atmosphere…. But you keep making plans and getting drunk on the weekends.

I was talking with a friend just recently who told me they realized that they weren’t ready to receive a new romantic partner, even though they thought they were. When they got down to really feeling the feelings of living in that reality, he realized how stressful it would be in his life at the time to pursue a romantic interest, and how he had finally just opened up the time for his own improvement and solitude. He is now working on manifesting other things, and happily involved in his hobbies.

There’s an old joke that speaks to this as well: A man prayed to God every night that he would win the lottery. He had faith and conviction, and was persistent in his request. Every night, he took a knee, and prayed, “Please dear God… Help me to win the lottery…”

Finally, after months of this, God decided he would help the man help himself. God visited the man as he was deep in his prayer, and said, “Listen, you gotta help me out here too. BUY A LOTTERY TICKET ALREADY!”

Are you buying you ‘lottery’ tickets, or are you at the boat dock, trying to catch a plane ride? Don’t expect to buy a new Mustang in a junkyard.

Come back tomorrow and we will put all these parts together.

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I have been meditating for 8 years, and while I don't consider myself an expert, I know I'm knowledgeable about the subject, and can possibly provide help to others who want to experience the enriching benefits of meditation.
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