LoA, Putting it all together

The Law of Attraction is a psychological fact. The human nervous system is only a certain mechanism for perceiving reality, and at any one time, does not have the full picture.

Based on how we tune our mechanism, we become attentive and perceptive to other aspects of life. Attention essentially sets the stage of our experiential universe.

Through intention, we organize our thoughts and feelings, as well as the universe around us. Intention allows us to locate our unique standpoint in the universe, and serves as the basis of all creation; Attention is the map, Intention is the specific path we take.

The power of intention lies in what is called the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, it is a principle of quantum mechanics that simply states that the observer in any situation can, and will, directly influence the situation being observed.

We tend to find just the things we look for. If your chief aim in life is to just get by, it is no surprise you will really never do any better than just getting by. Best case scenario, you just get by. If your chief aim is to do more than just getting by, if it is to live out your highest expression, then best case scenario, you will live your highest expression. Worst case scenario, and you’ll likely still get by.

Persistently held intention creates habit energy, good and bad.

All that we intend, desire, and assume make up our consciousness, and a change in any of the three will alter our consciousness, and begin attracting to us whatever is most in line with our assumptions. Many people are convinced(assume) they cannot be hypnotized, and don’t realize they have literally hypnotized themselves into that state. The Law of Attraction, and life as a whole, is exactly what you say it is.

You cannot attain anything you desire or intend without the assumption that it really can be attained. You have to assume what you desire is an already established fact, and then act from this new reality. You must be conscious of being healthy if you are to know what health is. You must be conscious of what it feels like to be financially secure if you are to know what financial security is, or else you won’t be creating the conditions for what you want.

The moment of creation is NOW, and it can only ever be NOW. It is up to you right NOW to decide whether what happened in your past had been your fateful downfall, or merely an obstacle. Nothing is inherently good or bad, so you should assume the best of everything, and think only of that which is inspiring and beautiful.

You need to act as though you EXPECT only the best things to happen to you. If you don’t, you are ASSUMING less than favourable conditions about life.

Desire plays quite a role in the Law of Attraction, but maybe not how you’d ordinarily think it would. It has to be ‘desire-less desire’ or desire without attachment. Desire isn’t about wanting more and being attached, it’s essentially about understanding the path of your life, and what is required for further growth. Desire is cosmic energy looking for expression the only way it knows how, through a conscious, thinking, acting living system.

What you cannot affirm for yourself will never be realized by you, and you will remain as you are until you can acknowledge the possibility that there are still ways to grow and learn.

We could not recognize and desire these conditions in the first place unless there was first a corresponding frame in our own mind. If you know you need more confidence, you can only recognize this because there is a frame in your mind for what a confidant person should be and do.

Desire is ultimately for the fulfillment of who you are meant to be, and if you desire something other than what the universe has planned for you, you will face many obstacles.

There is no reason you cannot feel happiness now for the things that have already passed, or the things we may or may not experience in the future. Happiness comes from inside you, and external events are only keys to that door. But the truth is, that door was never locked to begin with.

Visualization is one of the most powerful tools we have for creating change in our thoughts, emotions, physiology, and life on a grand scale. Science has proven without a doubt that the content of our thoughts and emotions directly influences our physiology and neurochemistry. The universe will always reflect on in your outer world with what you find in your inner world. No matter WHAT, your thoughts influence your world around you.

Remember that our minds already have the blueprints for the perfect expressions of health, harmony, and happiness frames within us. This means that creativity is actually a receptive process, and opening of our minds to what is already in the ‘ether’.

The human mind is like radio, and can be tuned to receive and transmit many kinds of messages. But you no more manifest and create the conditions in your life than the diaphragm of a radio speaker creates the music. Let go of yourself, and let the universe take over.

One of the cardinal rules of visualization and manifestation is not being concerned or attached to any specific means of manifestation. This means, you should not worry about HOW the things in your life will come to you, but to focus on WHAT you want, and assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled, completely expecting it to manifest, however it needs to. If you focus only on a specific means of getting what you desire, you will be blind to the other opportunities that might have gotten you what you wanted sooner.

Completely absorb yourself in it, and abandon yourself to the essence, like a moth abandons itself in the desire to know the flame. And you really must be willing to let a part of yourself die so the new you can be born. We cannot gain what we lack if we cling to what we have.

We do not know the plans of the Universal Blueprint, and don’t know its reasons for manifesting in the arrangement it did. Remember, some of the best opportunities you had in life could only come when you lost something else first. When the world around you begins to look like weeds, remember that from heaven everything looks like a garden. Then pull out your gardening gloves and start pulling weeds.

Everything had to have a part in bringing the universe to where it is right now, and despite what the conditions might be, right HERE, right NOW is the best possible reality that could have ever manifested.

Failure isn’t failure, it’s Feedback. The universe has a blueprint for our highest and best expression, more so than our ego’s; if you always know a closed window will show you an open door, opportunity is literally everywhere.

Once we can accept everything, we must also be able to accept, or receive what we desire. Here again, is where many people find they aren’t getting the results they’re looking for, because they aren’t making room in their current reality for new things, they aren’t really living from the new reality.

Live in the spirit of your highest dreams and ideals already fulfilled.

About OneBreathMeditation

I have been meditating for 8 years, and while I don't consider myself an expert, I know I'm knowledgeable about the subject, and can possibly provide help to others who want to experience the enriching benefits of meditation.
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3 Responses to LoA, Putting it all together

  1. GinaV says:

    Incredibly wise and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  2. nikky44 says:

    “Failure isn’t failure, it’s Feedback” it’s a nice feeling to think of life’s problems as experiences, and failures as just feedback

  3. Yes, yes, yes!! Fantastic post–so practical and encompassing.

    On another note, you have just been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award (see http://erranttranscendentalist.wordpress.com/2012/05/14/liebster-blog-award/). If you wish to accept the award (which can really help to generate readership for your blog and blogs you love), just: post the image of the award, which you can copy and paste from my blog, onto a post in which you thank the nominator (me) and post a link to her (my) blog, and then nominate 5 other blogs you would like to see win the award. Post links to them in your blog, and then notify them that they have received the award and what they need to do to pass it on.

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