A Case Against ‘Negative’ Energy

I have something of a confession to make. I choose to share this with all of you in hopes that your life will benefit in the same way mine has from adopting this assumption. This is often an unpopular opinion, and has gotten me plenty of flak from people in my life when I divulge this information, but it really doesn’t deter me. I stand behind it, and hope one day you will too.

Ready? Make sure you’re sitting down for this one, because…

I don’t believe in negative energy.

There it is. Out there in the open, out there for God and all the neighbours to see, my dirty laundry on the front lawn. And how does it feel? Quite liberating, to be honest. Never has my life been such a beautiful mystery of love and grace as when I adopted this model of reality, and I honestly can’t ever see myself going back to a ‘fear-dependency’ lifestyle.


You see… There’s no such thing as evil. There are no monsters and scary sprites hiding between the fabric of dimensions, waiting for that opening to swoop in and ruin your life. There are no dark wizards conspiring against all that is good and beautiful for their own ends, and there are no rituals you need to go through, or even CAN go through to eradicate any ‘negative energy’. It simply doesn’t exist. We are only fearing fear itself, and this fear goes against the actual assumption most of us think we’ve made about the universe being a realm of love.

Darkness is the absence of light

This is a popular concept I’m sure you’ve heard before, usually in relation to light and darkness. Much of this perceived ‘negative energy’ is merely an absence of a more healthy ‘positive’ energy, or aspect of love and enthusiasm.

When I say love, I’m not talking about sentimental love, or the hormonal love we most often experience. This love is not emotionality, nor is it a ‘journey’ in the sense that it is ‘there’ and you’re ‘here’. It is the conscious merging between life systems, and the inherent bliss and consciousness that makes the universe. It is the love upon which the entire universe operates and has its being. If you’ve ever had a near-death experience, or perhaps ingested some Psilocybin, and gone deep enough inward, you would know the love I am talking about.

Negative Energy is a perception of our ego

I’m sure you probably had an idea of where this ‘negative’ perception can come from if it isn’t real, and if you guessed our insidious Ego had something to do with it, you’d be on the right track. How often does our ego paint its own pictures onto the blank canvass of life, and try to sell the counterfeit as a genuine? I’m sure you know the answer this as well; all too often.

It is only from the vantage point of our ego that we label something ‘negative’, but there is inherently nothing negative in the universe, only different. I try to share this insight when I hear someone speak about someone, or a group of people as having ‘negative’ energy. You may find this person ‘negative’ but the fact of the matter is, this person has parents that birthed and loved them through their development, friends and family to support and love them through hardships, a spouse or significant other who adores them, and children that depend on them, never mind the multitude of other people that think this person is just swell. Are all those people being fooled into not seeing this person’s evil ways, or could it be that their energy is just different from yours(not negative), and therefore doesn’t mesh as well? Who’s to say you aren’t acting the ‘negative’ role(through absence of positivity)?

Personally, I love Pizza, and I also enjoy Pudding every now and again. But in no universe would I enjoy Pudding Pizza. Is that to say pudding is negative because it didn’t go well with my pizza? Well, that’s just silly….

Only ever from the place of our ego, only from the attachment to the illusion of who we think we are, obsessed with some vague notion of ‘survival’ could we call something different as ‘negative’. Only ever would our ego be so ridiculous as to decide something is ‘negative’. Who is to say we are ‘right’ or even have the authority to label ‘negative’? But when you remove yourself from that delusion of seperation, we see that nothing could be negative.

Trying to eradicate negativity perpetuates fear

So what exactly is it that tricks us into believing such a thing? It is the fear itself of what might happen if there were negativity. Much like was touched upon in the Law of Attraction series, when we are actively taking measures and actions based on an assumption of something, we are solidifying the interpretation we perceive, furthering the assumption.

If you have rituals or maneuvers to protect you from negativity, you are solidifying your belief in ‘negativity’ and helping to bring more of it into your life. This goes against the most inherent nature of the universe as a force of love, wellbeing, and growth. This attitude is saying, “I don’t trust the universe to be looking out for me, I’m not good enough, and I have to constantly be on guard.” You are doing something based on a design of a universe that doesn’t exist. If you are constantly finding ways to make yourself taller, that is merely solidifying the assumption that you are short. See how this works?

The universe is built on love and grace, and no matter what you do, you can’t escape the love and grace of the universe, because it is an inherent part of the system. Leave your ego at home on your bedroom floor today, and see how the world looks. There is only the infinite oneness and the perception of ‘negativity’ is one of separation. Do not separate yourself from life any longer, and embrace the void.


About OneBreathMeditation

I have been meditating for 8 years, and while I don't consider myself an expert, I know I'm knowledgeable about the subject, and can possibly provide help to others who want to experience the enriching benefits of meditation.
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6 Responses to A Case Against ‘Negative’ Energy

  1. Very well said. You hold an encouraging and courageous view, and couldn’t agree more with the idea of a universal energy that is positive far beyond our perceptions. Thank you for your post!

  2. Just call me K says:

    Thank you for this! I have read it at just the right time x

  3. Talk about a mouthful. It’s an amazing viewpoint I never thought of before.
    Happy Horizons.

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