Question Perception

I’ve collected other posts here, ones that have less to do with meditation, but can act as a spring board for meditation, or offer new perceptions to adopt and benefit your life. Please read these with an open mind, and be willing to play with an idea without becoming the idea. Try it on for a few days, and esee how things feel. You can always assume your preferred model of reality should something not work for you.

Cultivating a Witness

The Farmer and his Horse

A Natural Satori

Blind Men and the Elephant

Two Wolves inside Us

Being Alone

The Stone Buddha

Love with No Object

The Paradox of Enlightenment

The Dangers of Tradition

5-7 Bits of Data

Everyday Wisdom #31(reblogged from istopforsuffering)

Misconceptions of Karma

The Pattern Interrupt

A Case Against ‘Negative’ Energy

Coincidence of Opposites

Are you Awake?


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